Outdoor Activities

Exciting Things to Do Outdoors in Twentynine Palms

The desert terrain surrounding Twentynine Palms provides some of the most exciting outdoor recreation opportunities in Southern California. Joshua Tree National Park of course provides access to many exciting things to do, and there are plenty more other local spots for getting active outside.


Read on to see some of our favorite outdoor activities to do around Twentynine Palms, and be sure to book your desert vacation with Desert Beacon Vacation Rentals.


In Joshua Tree and other areas around Twentynine Palms, you'll find exceptional hiking trails with breathtaking scenery you can explore. Here are some of the best hiking trails near Twentynine Palms:


When out hiking these trails, be sure to pack plenty of water and wear sun protection to shield yourself from the harsh desert sun. Many trails also feature side routes that can make following the main trail challenging for some. Bring a trail map with you when hiking, and familiarize yourself with the route before heading out. For more helpful hiking tips, visit Joshua Tree National Park's Hiking page.


Joshua Tree National Park is a world-renowned climbing destination and contains a tremendous amount of awesome climbing routes. There are over 8,000 climbing routes, over 2,000 boulder problems, and hundreds of natural gaps to take on at the park. It's probably safe to assume that, if you're looking for climbing variety near Twentynine Palms, you'll find it here at Joshua Tree.


Beginner climbers or those new to the area may want to hire a climbing guide or take a day class at the park. In addition to climbing instruction, when you work with guides they can set you up with the proper rental equipment and choose appropriate routes based on your experience level. However, not all climbing guides in Twentynine Palms are able to work within the national park, so be sure to choose a guide outfitter with a permit for Joshua Tree.


Just as with hiking, climbers visiting Johsua Tree National Park need to come prepared before their day(s) of climbing. Make sure your gear is in working condition, pack plenty of food and water, wear sun protection, and review your routes ahead of time, especially if you'll be climbing without a guide. 

Other Fun Outdoor Activities

Horseback Riding

Many trails in Joshua Tree National Park double as horseback riding trails. Riding horseback is exciting enough on its own, but adding in that extra element of the park's desert beauty makes this activity truly special. 

Scenic Backcountry Roads

See much more of Joshua Tree and other scenic areas near Twentynine Palms by heading out on an 4-wheel-drive vehicle. The national park contains several scenic backcountry roads that are accessible for vehicles and mountain bikes. Not only can you see more sections of the park of the park on these roads, but they're significantly less crowded than areas by paved roads. Be aware, all-terrain vehicles are not allowed in the park, and you must stay on established tracks.